Resistance Heating Equipment

used for heat treatment
1. metal annealing
2. metal normalization
3. metal quenching
4. metal tempering
5. metal thermal refining


Brief introduction:

  • 01Resistance furnace is an industrial furnace that uses electric current to heat the electric heating element or heating medium in the furnace ,so as to heat the workpiece or material.It is a heating furnace that uses electric current to generate heat energy through resistive materials.
  • 02Resistance furnace is used in mechanical industry for metal forging before heating,metal heat treatment heating ,brazing ,powder metallurgy sintering,glass ceramics roasting and annealing,low melting point metal melting,sand and paint film layer drying.

Well type resistance furnace:

  • There are many kinds of well resistance furnace,the use is also more extensive.
  • Mainly work in the natural atmosphere or protective atmosphere,heat treatment or sintering of the longer metal workpiece(rod,long axis)
  • Well type resistance furnace is mostly cylindrical,because the furnace body is long,in order to install the workpiece easy to operate,large and medium-sized well type resistance furnace is usually installed in the pit,only part of the ground above the ground.

Box resistance furnace:

  • Box resistance furnace is a common form of electric furnace,divided into vertical,horizontal,split type,integrated.
  • Using resistance wire,silicon carbon rod,silicon molybdenum rod as heating elements,according to the need to choose.
  • Box electric furnace in addition to usually in the air heating,there can be atmosphere and sealed vacuum electric furnace,various forms.
  • Widely used in ceramics,metallurgy,refractory materials,new material development,special materials,building materials and other fields of production and experiment.
  • Box resistance furnace is used for:
  • 1.Thermal processing, thermal processing or treatment of small workpiece
    2.For industrial and mining enterprises, colleges and universities laboratories, scientific research units for elemental analysis and determination and small steel tempering, annealing and other heat treatment heating use, but also for metal, ceramic sintering, dissolution, analysis and other high temperature electric furnace heating.

Trolley resistance furnace:

  • Trolley resistance furnace is the national standard energy saving cycle type operation furnace.
  • super energy saving structure,integrated rail,no need for basic installation,placed on the horizontal ground can be used.
  • Trolley resistance furnace belongs to periodic operation, can be used for normalizing, quenching, annealing and other heat treatment heating of larger metal parts and materials

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