Rod/ Plate/Pipe Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine

Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine is a production lines for producing the rod, tube, bar, plate, billet, wire, strip of copper/Aluminum or other metals. And This production lines are widely service for the industries like produce the electric wire, cable, electron, lock making, water heating equipments, refrigeration .


Small horizontal continuous casting machine

    • Applications:
    • The company specializes in small continuous casting production lines, and has developed a set of horizontal continuous casting production lines for gold, silver, copper, non-ferrous metals, steel bars, stainless steel alloys and other materials. It has convenient and quick, simple operation, high-efficiency and energy-saving intelligent parallel casting machines. Because of its fast melting speed, low loss, easy start, automatic stirring, precise temperature control, etc., it greatly improves production capacity and reduces production costs, so it is widely praised by new and old customers.


  • Features and Advantages:
  • 1.The medium frequency induction heating power supply adopts the most advanced transistors and original imported electric devices and drive inverter technology, 1-20KHZ automatic tracking frequency, one-key start, fast heating, energy saving, electromagnetic stirring, uniform temperature and other characteristics.
  • 2.Best quality silicon carbide isostatic graphite crucible furnace, which has a long life and slow oxidation and rapid heating. The furnace body adopts fixed traction and fast dumping.
  • 3.High temperature resistant platinum rhodium thermocouple temperature measurement connection intelligent temperature control meter temperature measurement accuracy  ± 2 ℃, automatic temperature control and power on/off function, to ensure the furnace and discharge port temperature balance, The fluidity of the solution makes the product dense after the crystallization is drawn, and the surface is smooth and traceless.
  • 4.The non-ferrous metal crystallization mold adopts high-purity graphite, the inner surface is coated to ensure smoothness, oxidation resistance and size, and the external water flow is uniform and the water-cooled water jacket. The casting alloy steel will use the most advanced permanent mold, and the internal ceramics and the beryllium copper mold will be connected without oxidation and loss. Crystallization mold temperature control device, can automatically control the mold cooling temperature, conducive to the crystallization of metal rod, easy to operate, easy to control.
  • 5.The traction machine adopts high-precision intelligent motor drive combination, which can adjust forward and backward, traction beat, traction speed can be accurate to 0.01MM, and pause and tow time can be accurate to 0.01 second. There are two configurations:
  • 6.The crystallization mold replacement is fast and convenient, and can be completed within 5 minutes. The mold and crucible fit closely to avoid metal leakage.

Horizontal continuous casting machine complete production line

  • Applications:
  • Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine is a  production lines for producing the  rod, tube, bar, plate, billet, wire, strip of copper/Aluminum or other metals. And This production lines are widely service for the industries like produce the electric wire, cable, electron, lock making, water heating equipments, refrigeration.
  • Features and Advantages:
  • 1.Melting furnace: Induction furnace is used to melt and provide liquid metal. The electromagnetic stirring function of induction heating can directly heat and stir the whole metal liquid in the furnace, which can make the metal liquid composition more uniform.
  • 2.Holding furnace: heat preservation furnace through PLC temperature control system, can realize the constant control of temperature. Degassing and slag removal can be carried out in holding furnace.Crystallizer temperature control device, can directly set the cooling temperature, by adjusting the cooling water to control the solidification crystallization of liquid metal. Crystallizer is composed of graphite sleeve and water - cooled sleeve..
  • 3.Mold holder: precise mold positioning, oscillation resistance of support rod. Mold bracket is rigid enough to prevent rod oscillation and bracket deformation under heat. Thick steel plate steel box structure with water cooling.
  • 4.Lead casting machine: two pairs of rollers, ac servo rod drive system, with micro-gap precision drive reducer, rigid coupling, high rigidity, high precision, micro-gap drive. By clamping the swing bar to drive the lower roll, the upper roll press down, so that the upper roll press down, avoid the traditional mill chute backlash.
  • 5.Fixed length cutting machine (for large diameter metal rod) : Automatically and accurately cutting metal rod after setting the required length of metal rod. The machine adopts frequency conversion motor for fast response and high precision drive to control the speed and frequency of continuous casting. After the metal bar crystallizes and solidifies, cutting the metal bar.
  • 6.Coiling machine (for small diameter metal rod) : After the metal rod crystallizes, the coiling machine reels the metal rod into a group to form as disk. The operation is automatic and simple. Rolling speed is easy to control.


Item Horizontal continuous casting machine
Output Customized
Holding furnace Induction furnace or resistance furnace
Furnace body capacity 100KG-6Ton
Casting Metal High temperature alloy (iron-base alloy, nickel-based alloy, cobalt-base alloys)
Nonferrous metals (copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, silver, gold)
Ferrous alloys (steel, iron)
Type Horizontal type
Power supply Electric
Power Customized
Crystallizer Designed by different metal
Strands Customized
Drawing Speed 50mm-800mm/min
Available casting billet Tube / Round bar / Square / Strip
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