Upcasting Continuous Casting Machine


The small upcasting continuous casting machine is the good solution for copper/gold/aluminum/steel rod, tube, sheet production with small investment. Our CCM is stable in furnace running and good drawability in casting.


Small upward continuous casting machine

    • Applications:
    • The small upcasting continuous casting machine is the good solution for copper/gold/aluminum/steel rod, tube, sheet production with small investment. Our CCM is stable in furnace running and good drawability in casting. WANFENG designs the melting temperature control system and crystallizer temperature control system to make sure the better crystallization.


  • Features and Advantages:
  • 1.Melting and holding furnace: Using the induction melting furnace to supply liquid metal alloy, the induction heating device can directly heat the whole liquid metal alloy in the furnace for heat preservation, and the temperature of liquid metal alloy can always maintain high temperature uniformity through the electromagnetic stirring function. The integrated PLC temperature control system can accurately control the temperature and realize constant temperature casting. The liquid metal alloy that is about to condense to the rod is kept in a constant temperature state.
  • 2.Crystallization: The optimal temperature of rod solidification and crystallization is achieved through the crystallizer temperature control device. The crystallizer is equipped with a cooling system to control the solidification and crystallization of liquid alloy by adjusting the cooling water volume.
  • 3.Upcasting traction: The traction system can make sure the drawing speed adjustable and stable with automatic control. Furthermore, it provides the steady support for crystallizer and uses the heat resistant structure for the durable life.

Upward continuous casting machine complete production line

  • Applications:
  • The upward continuous casting method refers to the casting billet method in which the metal melt is sucked from bottom to top into the mold connected with the vacuum device and solidified and crystallized and formed. The upper continuous casting machine is a crystallizer installed in the upper part of the insulation furnace and fixed in the cooler, the lower end of which is immersed in the metal liquid to a certain depth. In addition, there is an ingot drawing mechanism and a guide mechanism that makes the ingot laterally bend.
  • Features and Advantages:
  • 1.Melting&Holding furnace: The multi-body furnace is composed of a melting furnace and one or more insulation furnaces. The shell is mainly composed of castings, section steel and steel plates. The whole furnace body is built with clay and firebrick in the shell, and between the shell and the furnace body is hammered with quartz sand. Working principle: fusion and insulation one-piece furnace is designed using the principle of electromagnetic induction. Alternating flux is generated after AC voltage is applied to the induction coil. This alternating flux induces electromotive force and secondary current in the metal.
  • 2.The continuous casting machine: It is driven by servo motor and driven by imported high precision gearless gear and synchronous belt. The pitch speed can be adjusted arbitrarily through the touch screen. The panel is equipped with a clamping wheel group, driven by a transmission shaft synchronous belt, each group can work independently, and the cast rod is drawn by a "V" type press wheel. The continuous casting machine is equipped with liquid level tracking system for real-time monitoring of liquid copper.
  • 3.Lead rod frame: A crossing drum is installed above the continuous casting machine to guide the wire rod into the winding machine. The crossing stand is installed on the flat platform of the continuous casting machine for the convenience of the operators.
  • 4.Rod winding machine: The winding machine has three motors, a combination of gears, and a winding reel on each side. The up-and-down travel switch of the winding limit device controls the starting or stopping of the winding machine, so that the winding speed of the casting rod is synchronized with the speed of the up-leading continuous casting. The casting rod is automatically placed in the winding reel.
  • 5.Cooling system: The cooling system can be adjusted to control the water temperature. The cooling water enters the water envelope through the water inlet valve and is sent to the electric furnace coil and water jacket and crystallizer, and finally flows back to the discharge tank, and then is sent out through the return valve.
  • 6.Electrical control system: The electric control system consists of electric furnace control cabinet and one operating cabinet. Electric furnace electric appliances all adopt domestic famous electrical components.


Item Small WFSY WFSY
furnace Body Integrated Melting & Holding Furnace Separated Melting & Holding Furnace
Melting/Casting Metal

Low oxygen copper, oxygen-free copper

Type Upcasting
Power supply Electric
Power Customized
Mold Crystallizer
Strands Customized
Drawing Speed 1.0-3.0m/min
Available Drawing size Φ8-38mm
Structure diagram


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