Precious Metal Ingot Production Line


Used for any recycled aluminum, waste aluminum, aluminum scrap, aluminum alloy or aluminum metal obtained by re-melting and refining waste aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, copper, zinc and lead scrap and other metal.

Continuous ingot casting machine can cast aluminum ingot, copper ingot, lead ingot, magnesium ingot, zinc ingot, tin ingot , etc.


Product Description:

  • We are devoted towards offering the qualitative range of Ingot Casting Machine, as per client’s precise need and requirements.
  • Ingot Continuous Casting Machine, as well as ingot caster machine, ingot casting conveyors. Including frame, drive, conveyors, mold, liquid distributor, cooling and other parts.
  • 1.The frame is composed of welded channel steel.
  • 2.The drive is composed of motor, reducer, front and rear sprocket and coupling.
  • 3.The conveyors is composed of chain plate, roller and hinge pin with 180 pitch.
  • 4.The distributor is composed of a ladle or diversion trench and a liquid distributor.
  • 5.Cooling is composed of water pipe, nozzles and valves.


Item/Product Al Ingot Mg Ingot Copper Ingot Zinc Ingot
Ingot weight 5.5kg,7kg 7.5kg,25kg 10kg,18kg,20kg,25kg customized
Gas protect / Yes / /
Running speed 0-- 3.04 m/min
Motor power 4Kw,5.5Kw,7.5Kw and ect. according to output
Nos. of molds 55pcs, 70 pcs,100 pcs, 130 pcs… according to output
Output per hour 300kg-25T, customized
Pouring type Automatic liquid distributor
Cooling type Water spray ingot cooling, Mold bottom cooling, natural cooling
Demoulding Knock-out hammer

Features and Advantages:

1.Easy operation: Easy to operate & install with good cooling effect.

2.Stable operation: 24-hour continuous casting.

3.Longer service life.

4.Adjustable water valves: 100% demoulding rate.

Process flow:

Part 1: Metal scrap.

Part 2: Induction melting furnace – metal liquid

Part 3: Holding furnace – storing metal liquid

Part 4: Ingot casting machine – metal ingot

Part 5: Ingot stacking machine or mechanical arm – ingot stacking

Part 6: Packaging


1.Intelligent operation management.

2.easy operating.

3.reduce labor force,reduce labor intensity.

4.Stacking mode is convenient and simple to adjust, and can be operated on the touch screen.

5.Several types of stacking can be done without changing the stacking parts.

6.Imported components, reliable quality and performance.

7.Using touch screen operation to realize man-machine dialogue, can display production speed, fault cause and location, high degree of automation.

8.It can not only provide the stacking efficiency of enterprises, but also improve the production and sales efficiency of enterprise.

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