Uzbekistan steel bar production line

2022-01-06 10:32:53
  • Project: steel rebar
  • Final Products: 12mm-16mm steel bar
  • Production Equipment: 3 sets 10TON-8000KW induction melting furnace; 100 two strands continuous casting machine; continuous roller
  • Production Capacity: 25-30 Tons/Hour
  • Brief introduction:

    Continuous casting and rolling production line has high efficiency and its performance is comparable to the international level of pre-rolling steel, which is one of the supporting schemes of rolling mills commonly used in large rolling mills.

    Suitable for single variety, high yield products, such as rod and wire is the classic mode of steel rolling production line. From scrap smelting, continuous casting billet, shearing, rolling and other four processes in series rolling. The rolling equipment is continuous operation type, operation, all processes need to be done jointly. Driven by the motor, the rotor of the rolling mill rotates at a high speed. After inertia rotation of the flywheel set, the power is increased, which is distributed to the rolls on the rolling mill through the reducer and gear box. The rolled parts and rolls squeeze each other, and the products are released.

    The traditional rolling mill is not suitable for high-yield products. If the product output is higher, it is easy to cause the rolling mill to pile steel or jam steel seriously, so that the fatigue strength of the roll is reduced, the rolling speed can not reach, and it is likely to burn out the motor, affecting the normal rolling production.

    The gap between the roll and the guide is designed according to the plastic deformation of the rolling parts, and the pass design is also different according to the different rolled products. When rolling parts can not smoothly enter the rolling mill, the guide can be fine-tuned to control rolling parts in and out. The flywheel set can adjust the periodic speed fluctuation of the operation, and the movement is even and stable, which increases the rotational inertia, overcomes the resistance and saves energy.

  • Production line component: induction melting furnace; cooling machine; continuous casting machine; continuous rolling machine
  • Production process: scrap smelting — continuous casting billet — shearing — continuous rolling

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