Korea lost mold casting production line

2022-01-05 19:01:02
  • Project: motor casing casting line
  • Final Products:  motor casing
  • Production Equipment: 1TON-1000KW induction melting furnace; Cooling machine; Dust collector
  • Production Capacity: 1 Ton/Hour
  • Brief introduction:

    Lost mode casting is a new casting method in which paraffin or foam models with similar size and shape to castings are bonded together into model clusters, which are coated with refractory coating and dried, then buried in dry quartz sand for vibration modeling, and poured under negative pressure to make the model gasified, liquid metal occupies the position of the model, and the casting is formed after solidification and cooling.

    Motor housing generally refers to the external housing of all electrical motor equipment. Motor shell is the motor protection device, is made of silicon steel sheet and other materials with stamping and drawing process, plus the surface of rust and plastic spraying process can protect the internal equipment of the motor, its main role is dustproof, anti-noise, waterproof.

    The motor housing is generally gray cast iron. Most or all of the carbon in gray cast iron exists in the form of flake graphite with gray fracture. According to the morphology of graphite, gray cast iron can be divided into gray cast iron, malleable cast iron and ductile cast iron. All three are used to make motor housing. Low cost and not easily deformed.

    The existing motor shell casting process is vacuum disappearing mold forming, the advantage of this process is that there is no need for core, suitable for the casting of large motor shell.

  • Production line component: induction melting furnace; cooling machine; dust collector; vacuum negative pressure system; sandbox; vibro-bench
  • Production process: producing lost mold — painting — sand filling and vibration — vacuum negative pressure — casting — cleaning — finishing

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