India bearing retainer production line

2022-01-05 15:29:13
  • Project: India bearing retainer production line
  • Final Products:  Seamless copper tube; brass bearing retainer 
  • Production Equipment: 2TON-1000KW series power induction melting furnace; Cooling machine; Dust collector
  • Production Capacity: 2 Ton/Hour
  • Brief introduction:

    Bearing retainer refers to a bearing part that partially wraps all or part of the rolling body and moves with it to isolate the rolling body, and usually guides the rolling body and keeps it in the bearing.

    Bearing copper retainer has good friction reduction and wear resistance. Copper alloy has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, small friction coefficient, good formability and high service temperature.

    Bearing copper retainer has stamping and solid two kinds, stamping is only suitable for small and medium-sized. Brass plate, brass castings or brass forgings brass has high tensile strength, mechanical strength and steel plate stamping cage, but the density is relatively small, high limit speed. Not affected by lubricants, including synthetic oils and lipids; Brass cages should not be used above 300°C or in ammonia (e.g. cooling), where ammonia causes seasonal cracking of brass and operating temperatures below 300°C.

  • Production line component: induction melting furnace; centrifugal casting machine; cooling machine; dust collector;
  • Production process: Bar, pipe material, forging — casting, lathe inner diameter, outside diameter, end face, chamfering — drilling (or pull holes, boring) — pickling — final inspection

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