China high-speed rail accessories production line

2022-01-05 15:09:04
  • Project: high-speed rail accessories
  • Final Products:  60mm-150mm steel round bars
  • Production Equipment: 500KG-300KW induction melting furnace; Cooling machine; Dust collector; induction heating equipment
  • Production Capacity: 500 KG/Hour
  • Brief introduction:

    Aluminum has a low density of 2.7 (a light metal), about one-third that of steel. Because the surface of aluminum is easy to oxidize to form a dense and stable oxide film, so the corrosion resistance is good. Aluminum has good casting property, because of its low melting temperature and good fluidity, it is easy to manufacture various complicated shape parts. Aluminum alloy still maintains the characteristic of light weight, but the mechanical properties are obviously improved.

    First, aluminum is only one-third as dense as steel. Under the same conditions, compared with the structure of copper wear-resistant steel car body, the mass of stainless steel car body can be reduced by about 15%, the mass of aluminum alloy car body can be reduced by more than 35%, because of the mass reduction, aluminum alloy car body can increase the volume of 10%.

    Secondly, although the fatigue resistance and impact resistance of aluminum alloy is not as good as steel, but with the development of technology, many high-performance aluminum alloy and the success of the development of the whole hollow wall of aluminum alloy, and then adopt a more reasonable structural design method, can completely solve the defect of aluminum alloy appeal.

    Finally, aluminum alloy is better than steel in fire resistance, arc resistance and heat dissipation; In addition, the surface of aluminum alloy can naturally produce a very thin oxide protective film, the surface hardness of this film is very high, not easy to damage, so that aluminum alloy in the atmosphere has more excellent corrosion resistance than steel.

  • Production line component: induction melting furnace; aluminum alloy die casting equipment; induction heating furnace; aluminum alloy forging equipment; cooling machine; dust collector;

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