Azerbaijan sand casting production line

2022-01-05 14:59:21
  • Project: bearing cap; bearing block casting line
  • Final Products: bearing cap; bearing block
  • Production Equipment: 5TON-3500KW series power induction melting furnace; Cooling machine; Dust collector
  • Production Capacity: 5 Ton/Hour
  • Brief introduction:

    Sand casting refers to the casting method of producing castings in sand mold. Steel, iron and most non-ferrous alloy castings can be obtained by sand casting. Because the molding material used in sand casting is cheap and easy to obtain, the casting mold manufacturing is simple, and it can adapt to the single piece production, batch production and mass production of castings. For a long time, it has been the basic technology in casting production.

    Choosing the right molding process will directly affect the quality of casting, and is beneficial to cost saving, shorten the production cycle, simplify the process flow. When the output is large, it is recommended to use automatic molding machine to replace the traditional manual molding.

    Bearing seat is a supporting part in bearing transmission. It is simple in shape and needs to pay attention to prevent shrinkage and porosity in production. When casting, choosing a good riser can shorten the solidification time, which is beneficial to get qualified casting.

  • Production line component: induction melting furnace; cooling machine; dust collector; automatic molding machine
  • Production process: Drawing — mold — core-making — molding — cleaning — finishing

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