Ingot Casting Machine

used for casting copper ingot,aluminum ingot,magnesium ingot,zinc ingot ,etc.


Product Description:

  • We are devoted towards offering the qualitative range of Ingot Casting Machine, as per client’s precise need and requirements.
  • Ingot Continuous Casting Machine, as well as ingot caster machine, ingot casting conveyors. Including frame, drive, conveyors, mold, liquid distributor, cooling and other parts.
  • 1.The frame is composed of welded channel steel.
  • 2.The drive is composed of motor, reducer, front and rear sprocket and coupling.
  • 3.The conveyors is composed of chain plate, roller and hinge pin with 180 pitch.
  • 4.The distributor is composed of a ladle or diversion trench and a liquid distributor.
  • 5.Cooling is composed of water pipe, nozzles and valves.


Item/Product Al Ingot Mg Ingot Copper Ingot Zinc Ingot
Ingot weight 5.5kg,7kg 7.5kg,25kg 10kg,18kg,20kg,25kg customized
Gas protect / Yes / /
Running speed 0-- 3.04 m/min
Motor power 4Kw,5.5Kw,7.5Kw and ect. according to output
Nos. of molds 55pcs, 70 pcs,100 pcs, 130 pcs… according to output
Output per hour 300kg-25T, customized
Pouring type Automatic liquid distributor
Cooling type Water spray ingot cooling, Mold bottom cooling, natural cooling
Demoulding Knock-out hammer

Features and Advantages:

1.Easy operation: Easy to operate & install with good cooling effect.

2.Stable operation: 24-hour continuous casting.

3.Longer service life.

4.Adjustable water valves: 100% demoulding rate.


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