Vacuum continuous casting machine


The vacuum continuous casting machine uses the principle of medium frequency induction heating to melt metal or metal alloy under vacuum condition. Modern molding equipment for drawing and casting metals and alloys through crystallizer cooling (sheets, plates, tubes) through a specially designed ingot drawing mechanism. This set of super-alloy vacuum horizontal continuous casting integrated technology and complete equipment can carry out super-alloy smelting and continuous casting in vacuum environment, and realize high-quality continuous casting molding of super-alloy family. It is suitable for high quality pure purification production of high content super-alloys such as high titanium, high nickel, single crystal copper, etc. It is the best technical way to produce low cost and high quality super-alloy master alloy and high quality electrode rod, and can prepare high purity, low segregation, dense structure and arbitrary length super-alloy base metal.


Power cabinet:

  • 1) Intermediate frequency power supply is to convert the grid input alternating current into the intermediate frequency electricity suitable for induction furnace. First, the three-phase or polyphase input alternating current is rectified into direct current, which is filtered by the DC filter reactor, and then converted into single-phase intermediate frequency electricity through the inverter.
  • 2) The frequency and output voltage can be adjusted according to the demand of the amount of hot metal in the furnace and the power size.
  • 3)IGBT intermediate frequency power supply adopts IGBT module as the inverter, IGBT intermediate frequency power supply has the characteristics of fast heating speed, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • IGBT medium frequency power supply as a constant power supply, even adding a small amount of metal can also reach the full power output, and remain constant, so the heating speed is fast. Using series resonant circuit, inductor voltage is high, so IGBT medium frequency power supply than thyristor power supply energy saving. IGBT medium frequency power supply rectifier part of the full bridge rectifier. The DC voltage is always operating at its highest level and does not need to adjust the conduction Angle, so no higher harmonics are produced.
  • Electronic components are well-known brands at home and abroad, stable operation, superior performance. Built-in water temperature alarm, water pressure alarm, phase missing alarm, leakage protection and other early warning systems.
  • This set of power control system by modular layout, structure optimization, maintenance faster. The components of the medium frequency power supply adopt the scientific and reasonable patent structure layout, which greatly reduces the electromagnetic vibration and noise of the equipment and effectively reduces the electromagnetic interference.








Holding furnace with crystallizer:

  • Function: Temperature control system, Electromagnetic stirring function.
  • The equipment can be started or stopped at any time according to production plan.
  • Vacuum/atmosphere protection continuous casting unit is composed of melting and holding furnace, vacuum system, atmosphere protection facilities, crystallizer, crucible.
  • The melting and holding furnace consists of a composite double-layer water-cooled shell, a furnace cover, a temperature measuring device, a charging device and a sensor.
  • The vacuum system includes vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, vacuum pipeline, valve to achieve pre-vacuum effect.
  • The atmosphere protection device can be used according to the characteristics of the molten material, and different types of inert gases can be passed into the atmosphere. In the continuous casting process, the protective gas is always passed into the tank, a certain pressure is maintained, and the vacuum sealing ring is used to avoid air influx.
  • The crystallizer solidifies the liquid metal through water cooling.
  • The crystallizer temperature control device can directly set the cooling temperature and control the solidification and crystallization of the liquid copper by adjusting the cooling water. The crystallizer is composed of graphite mold and water jacket. The crystallizer is unique design based on vacuum condition.
  • Crucible can set graphite crucible.
    The mold support device can position the mold accurately, and the support plate has good vibration resistance. The mold support is rigid enough to prevent the oscillation of continuous casting and the deformation of the support when it is heated.

Rod lead casting machine:

  • Designing the unique traction system based on Ni property.
  • The lower wheel is the power roller and the upper wheel is the press roller. The power system of the tractor is composed of AC servo motor, which realizes the drive of high rigidity, high precision and micro clearance. The upper roll is adjusted by the cylinder clearance, and the upper roll has enough pressing force to meet the drawing friction force, and can overcome the resistance of the mold to the casting billet to the greatest extent.
  • The drawing speed of the traction machine can be adjusted, and the power roll with the servo motor can control the speed and frequency of continuous casting, so that a variety of continuous casting rhythms such as pull-push-pull can be realized to meet the different requirements of different steel types and different billet breaking faces of pulling speed.

Autocratic rod coiling machine:

  • Designing the unique traction system based on Ni property.
  • The winder has a motor to provide winder power, which can be matched with a unilateral take-up reel. Through the sensor, the casting rod can be automatically put into the reel according to the drawing speed of the casting machine, so that the winding speed of the casting rod is synchronized with the horizontal casting speed.

PLC intelligent control cabinet:

  • Function: PLC remote temperature control system.
  • The remote console has a humanized intelligent man-machine interface for the uninterrupted monitoring display, parameter display, parameter adjustment and the start and stop of the mechanical part of the equipment.
  • Remote diagnosis: For the operation state of the horizontal continuous casting machine, data retention and analysis are carried out in the "company headquarters" through the "Internet of things" to realize the remote diagnosis function. When there is a failure and shutdown, it can be dealt with in the first time.

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